Top Ten Halloween Decorations

One of my favorite holidays is coming right up, Halloween! I decided to check out on Pinterest some cool decorations and ideas and while I found so many, here are my favorite ten!
 Halloween Decorations on Pinterest!

This looks super scary because it reminds me of the time Hunni and I went canoeing a couple days after a rain storm, and there were fallen trees in the water with tons of spiders crawling everywhere. I’m surprised I didn’t tip the canoe!

Because pumpkin prices have gone up, I’ve already decided I’m not going to buy one this year. This home made Halloween jar looks so cool! I won’t even be missing my pumpkins! 

These skeleton gnomes look awesome! Guaranteed to make people take a second look. 

Home made and inexpensive. Would you believe it if I told you that part of this was made with old cereal boxes? 

I knew I had to share this when I saw it. If this guy was in my yard, I would never leave the house without laughing out loud! 

I’ve seen these around before and still think they are easy and look great!

Pin the face on the pumpkin! Kids will have a great time putting different faces on their pumpkin with this home made game. 

I think this is clever. When I look at this, so many ideas pop into my head, this would be fun to make any holiday. =)

If I saw these I would have to get them. The lights to make it look like there is a ghost in a dress in your yard.  

Fake vampire teeth in this pumpkins is such a great idea!  

Out of these 10, which one is your favorite?

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