Top Ten People Who Inspire Me


  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: “flashes of inspiration”.

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If you look around you, I’m sure you can point out a few people in your life that are so awesome, that they inspire you to try to be a better person, by doing some of the every day things they do.

This top ten is dedicated to the people in my life who inspire me to be thankful for what I have, and strive for what I want, and want to be.

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I met Crystal through a previous job a few years ago. Her smile and bubbly attitude made her a joy to work with. She made
 everyone around her smile and when I saw how her happiness was easily spread on to others, it made me want to smile, be happy, and spread the love.
Life is too short to be sad. Even when it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom, there is always something you could be smiling about. 

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One of the hardest working girls I know is my friend, Corey. When I first met her, she was juggling college classes, and 3 jobs, AND she still found time to go out at night and see her friends. Now, she’s graduated, and is working a job in her field, and a waitressing job. If that’s not inspiration to go after your goals and work your butt off to get there, I don’t know what is. 

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The person who inspired me to start blogging was Amanda from OhAmanda. I don’t remember how I stumbled onto her website, but I’m glad I did. Her posts are thoughtful, insightful, and I really love what she stands for and who she supports. She really inspires me to want to be a better person and help others. She wrote a blog article last year about Operation Christmas Child that brought me to tears. I had never heard of OCC and never knew how easy it could be to help someone else in need. Now I am happy to say that I plan to donate shoe boxes each year, and try to fill more than the year before!

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I’ve been providing before care for The Hart’s for a few years now. This family is the nicest most caring family I’ve ever met. They work their butt’s off at their career and at home. They inspire me to work hard and shop smart! I’m happy and proud to call them my friends!

As much as my Dad and I have butted heads, he is always there for me to support me when I need it. I love bouncing ideas off of him, and his down to earth answers help me when I need advice. Something that he’s taught me is that you can choose to be happy no matter what life throws at you. 

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My boss Chantal is a health nut. I love hearing her tips and tricks on staying healthy. When she comes into the office with a huge smile on her face and then tells me how good yoga and eating healthy makes her feel, it made me want to try it too. I’ve been attempting a 10 minute workout every morning and trying yoga. Now, I love joking with her about how sore I am from a certain exercise or yoga pose! haha
 She inspires me to eat healthy and stay fit!

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My hunni, Scott is a daily inspiration to me. I love him with all my heart and want to make him happy. When I see how hard he tries to make this 6 year relationship work, it makes me want to try just as hard. He has taught me so much these past few years, and I am so thankful for him!

I looked up to my step father, Dan, for almost everything when I was little. My mom and I frequently butted heads and he was often the referee. I watched him work so hard to make sure my mom, stevie, & I, had everything we needed and wanted until he died in 2007 at age 56. He was never one to take any days off to take care of himself though, so I think he basically worked himself sick. I didn’t have my act together before he died, so whenever I catch myself doing things that he’s taught me over the years, I often wonder if he’s proud of me. He inspires me to enjoy life while I’m alive and not to take things too seriously. RIP 

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My step brother, Stevie, was my angel. He had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair but that never stopped him from being the happiest kid I have ever seen. Just seeing him in the mornings yelling “hi! hi!” and blowing kisses always put a smile on my face! He was always happy and smiley and was well known around town for it too. Stevie was an inspiration to a lot of people around, a reminder to laugh and smile. 

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And all the ones who try to bring me down. Sometimes negative things can make you a stronger person. I am inspired by my haters to be better than them. I won’t let anyone bring me down.

I am thankful for the people who have been in my life and are there now. I know I am truly blessed.

What are you thankful for? Who inspires you?

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