"I Will Kick Your A**" A Teacher Caught Bullying A Special Needs Student

That was on the news when I woke up this morning. A teacher was caught bullying and threatening a special needs child and it was caught on camera!
Children look up to teachers, and parents trust them to educate and guide their children and it really saddened me to see this video.

When the boy in the video asked his teacher not to call him special, the teacher insisted that he can call him whatever he wants and threatened to take it out of school.
“what are you going to do, what are you gong to do?” repeated his teacher.
It got so heated that you could see the teacher get in this student’s personal space.
“When you get out of school, I’ll be right there.” “There ain’t gonna be a stinking thing you can do.”
watch the video here
When the boy told his parents that he was being bullied at school by a teacher, they didn’t believe him but was appalled when he came home with the proof, a recording caught on a cell phone.
The teacher has been put on leave and they are investigating.

But this is becoming more common apparently. Just last week an Ohio couple slipped a recording device on their 14 year old special needs child in an attempt to prove that her instructors were bullying her. Read what happened here.

With everyone becoming more and more aware of bullying, It’s shocking to find out how common it is that there are people, educators, guides, role models, still lashing out at these children (or letting other children lash out on each other) and leaving the parents to feel helpless to the point that they are taking matters into their own hands.We remember the dad who confronted the bullies of his special needs child on the school bus, right?

So what can parents do to take a stand and stop feeling helpless?

  • The first thing I would suggest is talking with your child about school on a regular basis because children view teacher’s as authority figures and are less likely to report if anything happens. 
  • Keep your eyes out for sudden behavior changes, grade drops, and phrases like “my teacher doesn’t like me, my teacher thinks I’m stupid”. 
  • Parents can also choose to volunteer at the school or set up a meeting to discuss their concerns. 
  • If that goes no where, maybe talking to the principle might help. If the principle shrugs it off, (believe it or not, some do!) perhaps talking to the superintendent or school board may show some results.

Just remember to keep an open mind and to TALK about your concerns without yelling or jumping to conclusions, because yes, children can misinterpret things also.

But bullying between anyone is NOT ok and we must speak out and teach our children to speak out against it!

Have you had battle with school over bullying problems?
Would love your thoughts!

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