Ways You Can Donate

The holidays can be a hard time for many. Not just the holidays, but anytime. I’m sure you know at least one family that is struggling, have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do? Why not donate? ‘Don’t have any extra money’ you say? There are many ways you can donate. Whether it be money, time, or things that you are already throwing out.

Here are my Top Ten Ways That I Donate!

Time – Volunteering
This past year I’ve been volunteering at the local thrift store and at a nursing home down the street. Volunteering makes me feel needed and appreciated. It also gives me more experience in what I’m doing as well as possibly getting my foot in the door for a future job, which I did! (I now work at the nursing home!) All while helping others at the same time!

Cooking for work
Chop Suey can be easy and inexpensive. I noticed the employees that work in the kitchen make soup for everyone each week, so a few weeks ago, I brought in crock pot chop suey, as a thank you! 

Photography & Editing Services
I also offered some of my friends free photography and editing services if they could donate things for Operation Christmas Child. My goal was to fill more boxes than the year before and I did! It’s not a crazy amount or anything but still.   =)

Operation Christmas Child
I make a point to donate to The Samaritan’s Purse each year. Even though when I started the tradition, I was not in a good financial position, I asked my friends and family if they could donate any old toys and I spent $10 at the dollar tree for a few extra things. The church was really nice when I dropped it off and even though they ask if you can donate $7 to help ship it, they were really cool when I told them I could not. Finally, a charity that isn’t demanding, and doesn’t have minimum donations. 

Food For Food Pantry
My work had a box at the front of the building gathering food for the salvation army so I brought in a few extra things to donate.

Computer Skills for a friend
My friend’s computer needed some basic maintenance which was no problem. Glad to be of help.

Donating clothes & things to the local thrift store
I’ve gone through all my clothes and things and donated them all to my local thrift store. The one I used to volunteer at before I started working at the nursing home. I’ve also mentioned to my friends and family that I’ll take anything they want to get rid of, so I drop things off on a regular basis. 

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls
I use them anyways right? I save up my toilet paper and paper towel rolls and donate them to my nearest daycare for crafts. Have you seen the things you can do with the rolls? 

Donating money to the Salvation Army – Bell Ringers
If I go in the store to make a purchase and it leaves me with loose change, I drop it in the bell ringer’s bucket. 

Can Tabs for Veterans
I take the tabs off of all my soda cans and donate it to the local AMVETS because they donate them to the veterans. I also go through my friend’s recycling and take the tabs off of those also!

Donating is such a great feeling. It can spread happiness faster than a cold. I’m also a believer in karma.
So I’m on a mission to spread the love and share a smile! You never know whose day you could brighten! 
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