NoMoreRack Review

NoMoreRack is a website that offers great deals at an insanely low prices that almost seems too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you that this site is legit. People are so quick to scream “scam!” when they don’t get their way and it gives businesses bad reputations. 

How It Works

You register with NoMoreRack
Every day at 12 PM EST NoMoreRack features a new set of deals (8 deals usually)
You just visit and snag the deals you want!
You can also get free items by referring your friends and sometimes the site even offers free deals and items to snag! I’ve gotten nail kits, headphones, IPhone cases for either $2.00 or cheaper! 

Shipping & Handling is a flat fee of $2.00 which I think is really affordable! But NoMoreRack has also been known to waive shipping & Handling on some items too!

 Insanity Deals are deals that are so demanded, that it sells out in a matter of seconds leaving you to question if it’s even legit, but let me assure you, it is. 
NoMoreRack receives manufacturer closeouts, overrun & Overstocked, and cancelled order items.
I’ve seen playstation 3’s for $27.00 & even IPhone4S for $51.00!!
Insanity Deals can go up at anytime! The idea behind that is to try & get people to their site throughout the day! 

The only negative thing I can think of about NoMoreRack is that they could do a better job getting things shipped out quicker, but then again, what more do I want from a site that practically gives away things. 

So what are you waiting for? I’m pretty sure that if you are new and sign up, you can still get a free $10 credit towards a $20 purchase, which is really great also!
When you sign up you should see a gift card number that you can redeem. Go to my profile and Redeem a gift card. Enter P1070
You can also get points and prizes for referring friends and helping others sign up! So don’t forget to spread the word! I hope I’ve cleared some questions up and if you have any more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at KreativeKaring {at} 
Thanks for taking the time to read this, If you haven’t joined NoMoreRack yet, I encourage you to do so and perhaps help me reach my goal of referring enough people to get cool prizes!
Still having doubts? Scroll down for more.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, these are my own thoughts and opinions about NoMoreRack.

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