Top Ten Ways to Make a Memorable New Years Party!

One of my favorite times of the year is almost here! Time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new!
What a great excuse to get a party going and celebrate the new year with my closest friends and family! I usually have a new years party every year because I like to have fun, have the ones I love together, and don’t want to worry about how I’m getting home!
My friends are so awesome, too. They come mostly every year, unless they have to work, and they flatter me by telling me how excited they are for another one of my annual parties. It really is so much fun, so I thought I would share my top ten ways that I make my new years party special!
Here are my 
Top Ten Ways to Make A Memorable New Year’s Party!

Good Music
Because the age of my company varies, I like to have a lot of different music. From Pink Floyd, Journey, to Green Day, and Rihanna. 


Great Hosts
I have to give some of my credit to my mom. I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Between me and her, we make a great team. I host everyone during the games and events, and she cleans up and gets things ready for the next activity. She deserves 10 pats on the back for her support and help. Without her, my party would  not run as smoothly as it always does. 

Good Food
Mom usually gets the food together. She likes to make veggies and dip, chips, meats, and more! I think this year we are going to label all of the food, but I remember a couple years ago, having a ‘guess the dip for a prize’ game. It was fun! 


Clean House
I don’t know about you, but I like partying in a clean environment. If the house is trashed, I’m not really comfortable letting my guard down and relaxing. So I clean up around the house and have decorations up. I want people to feel comfortable here and to enjoy themselves.

If I could supply the booze for everyone, I would. But telling people to bring their own, makes sure that there’s enough, and it’s what people like. I tried to supply it one year, and we ended up running out, so i found, this is the best way it works. BUT, last year I made jello shots for everyone and I’ve already been asked to make them again this year. lol

Fun Games
The biggest thing people rave about when it comes to my parties is my home made jeopardy game! I make a huge game with easy questions and tape it on the wall and separate everyone into groups. The team that wins, gets to pick a prize out of the prize box. 😉 
This year I’m super excited for a new game I’m introducing everyone to. It’s called the box of questions!

My friends know that if they need a place to stay, they can stay here. I’m not encouraging anyone to drink and drive. If they don’t have a DD, then I tell them, they are more than welcome to cop some couch here. And a lot of them do. One of the biggest reasons I host an annual party.
Yep, you heard it right. I offer prizes at my parties. lol Everyone laughs at me too when I say so, but they also get wicked excited when they win, too. When I first started hosting parties, I would get all my prizes from the dollar tree last minute. But I’m getting better at this, and I’ve been collecting all year, so I’ve got jewelry, dollar tree items, gift cards, food and more!
Good Company
I feel awful when my friends ask to bring someone because I usually say no. It’s another thing I’ve learned the hard way. Every time someone new comes into my home, something goes missing, or there’s drama. But if I stick to the same handful of people, it usually turns out to be an awesome freakin party. What are your thoughts on guests?
You can win paypal cash!
I couldn’t think of the last one. But I was seriously wondering your thoughts on the guest thing. Do you think it’s rude to say no to bringing guests?
Leave a comment with your opinion and your email and I’ll pick someone Friday for a $5 paypal cash. 
Have a great day!
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