New Goals & Resolutions #toptentues

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, I know it was nice to sleep a little more see friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. Now that the holidays are over, time to get my goals back into perspective and try harder than ever to sticking with them!

Top Ten Goals / Resolutions / Things I Need To Do

I need to put my Christmas things away. I’ve got most put back into their bins, but I need to pack the rest and get them down cellar. I usually wait a little while longer to take the decorations down, but I was ready to get it done. Even the house I clean every week had theirs gone when I got there on Friday. 

Deliver more items to the local Thrift Store. I have 4 bags and counting waiting to be dropped off, I just haven’t gotten around to it. Time for me to suck it up this week and just do it. 

Renew my Insurance. I made that phone call today and I am so freakin happy! My insurance bill cut in half! WOOHOO!

, one of those forever on your list things… My laundry has been steadily sneaking up on me for about a week… do I have to??? :\

Edit Photos from New Years Party. I host an annual VIP New Years Party and my photographer friend came this year and took a bunch of photos. I asked to edit them because I love to edit. But with that, comes more work, which takes more time.

Take care of myself better. I need to remember to wash my face twice a day, exercise 20 minutes a day, and put lotion on at least once a day. As stupid as those might sound, they are really important to me right now because they will each help me with my long term goals of feeling better and being healthier.

Wordless Wednesday – haha, I had to add this one in here, I still have to snag my pictures off Instagram and throw them up here. I can’t wait to edit more of the New Years pictures, so I can show those off for the next Wordless Wednesday.

Switch paperwork over to January. I’m still trying to catch up on the end of December at work. My boss was on vacation last week so I didn’t get any paperwork to file, so now I’m playing catch up. lol

There you have it. My Top Ten Things I’m currently working on. Isn’t it way more fun listing what I have to do rather than actually do it? hehehe

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! I’m off to work! ^.^

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