Panoramic New Years #wordlesswednesday

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Here’s a small collage of what I’ve been up to. Again, I laugh at my picture contradictions.. (the cake & the yogurt) I’m supposed to be eating healthy, but it was waay easier said than done when I’m surrounded by cake, chocolates, and other stuff I’m surprised I didn’t snap pictures of…

 The collage above is mostly my hunni’s birthday party on the 28th. He doesn’t really drink, so everyone bought him a bottle and talked him into a nice buzz. Make a drunk face guys!

This picture is my friends and family at my annual VIP New Years Party. I had a photographer friend come this year which was awesome, and this was a panoramic he shot (minus a few people that snuck away) lol
Overall, it was soo much fun and my two games turned out really well!

How did your Holidays go?

If you haven’t heard of Wordless Wednesday by now, it’s practiced by many people around the web. It’s where you can post any sort of picture you choose, without any words, and let the picture speak for itself.  I encourage you to join in, it’s actually a lot of fun!
These Photos were taken using the IPhone Instagram app. The collage is made using BigHugeLabs Mosaic maker. I’m on Instagram as ICStarzz. I got this awesome idea from 

Fresh Mommy!
You can also check out and link up with other Wordless Wednesdays at 

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