Valentine’s Day Lollipop Cards #TackleItTuesday

I came across this idea on Pinterest which is the best site to check out when you’re in search of creative ideas for DIY projects! Store Valentine’s cards are really cute and all but these ones stood out to me and the temptation to try the project out for myself was too great. So I told lil man about my idea and he gladly posed for me in front of his new bed tent!


“now hold your hand out like you’re giving me a lollipop!”

(See him smirk at my silly request?)

I snapped a couple pictures then went home to upload them after he got on the bus. I chose the picture that I liked most then went shopping around to find a good deal on cards. You know how I LOVE finding good deals! After some digging around I found one I liked a lot at Cardstore and ordered about 20 for under $3.00! 

Once that was done I went out and bought lollipops ($2.00) then I waited for the pictures so come in the mail. I could have ordered them at a store closer to me and just picked them up, but I was saving money with a coupon code online, the shipping was free, and I wasn’t pressed for time because Valentine’s was a few weeks away


When they came in the mail, this is what they looked like. What’s great about this DIY project is that even if everyone did the same project, they would all come out differently. 

You get to decide the pose, customize how the card will look, what it will say, and what kind of lollipops you want to buy.

I made a couple small slits around his hand and slipped the lollipop in, taping it on the back for more security. 

Isn’t this neat??

The picture doesn’t do the finish project justice and Lil Man loved it…smirk and all. Be sure to try this one out yourself. I did mine for Valentine’s Day but you could do them for any holiday or special occasion. The important thing to remember is to have fun!


Don’t forget to visit 5minutesformom, the founder of tackleittuesday for more great link ups,too!

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