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Boston's Museum of Science
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Everything has been going ok at the homestead lately. Thisweek, I have my 13 yr old niece visitingduring school vacation. I love having her here. She’s been doing great at school. I hear she even made honors! 


Thursday, I’m taking her to the BostonMuseum of Science. We’re both very excited about the trip and looking forward the having a day of adventures together. It’s going to be great.

My aunt has been really helpful keepingtrack of NoMoreRack and their sales every day while I’m at work. I’m in the process of seeing what it will take to switch everything over to wordpress. I think I’ll be happierthere because it looks like there will be more options to make my site ROCK. (fingers crossed!)

It’s easy to get distracted when writing posts andsometimes showing the direction that I’m trying to take the blog in is unclear. I’m hoping that with a new word press layout I can make it easier for people to navigatethrough my site and connect with me in more areas. I’m also considering posting more Vlogs because they’re fun, people seem to like them, and it will help me develop my blogging skills. I’d really like to start talking more about why I blog and about my personal goals for this year.

One of my goals and resolutions for this year was to:

Takecare of myself better.I need to remember to wash myface twice a day, exercise 20 minutes a day, and put lotion on at least once a day. As stupid asthose might sound, they are really important to me right now because they willeach help me with my long term goals of feeling better and being healthier.

I’vebeen trying to stick to all of itbut as anyone could tell you it’s easier said than done.  I’ve lost around 10lbs but can’t seem tocontinue to lose. I am 145 right now with a goal of 120. (Perfect for myheight) I’ve stopped drinking soda altogether, and have replaced a lot of theunhealthy favorites for better choices. I’ve also really tried to stick withactually eating something for breakfast and also just sticking with servingsizes for my meals.

This week is school vacation so I haven’t been getting up as early as I usually do to getready to get lil man up for school. It’s been nice sleeping in a little. (I usually get up around 3 to wake up beforedriving to his house)

I still have to work my other job at the nursing home though, but am happy thatI’m allowed to bring my niece with me as well! She helped some of the residentswith bingo yesterday. It was really neat to let her see what I do for work. Yesterday she told me: “Auntie,your job is really boring.” HAHAHA

So that’s basically what has been going on lately and my goals for the futureand blog. My blog is called KreativeKaring because I want to find Kreative waysto show you some of the things I Kare about as well as learn about the things YOU Kare about.  So I would love if youjoined me on my journey to be abetter person, save money, and reduce stress, by doing for others, yourself,and by thinking ahead! You’ll see!


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