About me


I’ve gone by the name Starz online ever since I started using the internet. I still use it for my poetry, photos and more.
I.cstarz, ICStarzz, xXxStarzxXx, oOoStarzoOo, either way, it all centers around one name.

I live in Maine.
I love the seafood, when the leaves change, and the summer, but I hate the cold!

I joke and say I’m a southerner at heart because when I lived in North Carolina for a short while, I fell in love with the area  as well as a man. Mysuperman.


While I lived there, I also got Jake.

I love my little family so far!

When I have time to read, it’s usually a child care book of some sort. A lot of what I know is self-taught through research and experience. I have taken two years of Early Childhood Education and dabbled a little in Child Psychology & Development. I never get tired of hearing I’m wise beyond my years!

I currently clean houses for myself, work in the child care field, and have been continuously for over 8 years. I really enjoy a lot of aspects regarding child care and feel that this is a subject I have a lot of knowledge in.

5:30am is early but I love getting up to provide Before Care for a very intelligent, well behaved 7-year-old boy who loves to read and can tell me anything about any animal!

I love Nanny 911, Super Nanny, & Cesar Millan

Children and pets that don’t behave are my biggest pet peeve!
Their behaviors CAN be fixed!

So I created ChildCare411 in my blog for readers to ask questions & get some good feedback from other moms&dads and tips on how to live a little more peacefully!

I’ve also created a Recipes page to share some of my favorite recipes with my readers and hopefully get some new ideas from you!

I’m one of the many people that enjoy taking pictures, I put some of them up on PicturePerfect.
Everyone loves free Games so I’ve taken the time to find some so you don’t have to go through all the hassle!
I’m hoping to get better at writing by blogging  Reviews and lastly my Top Ten page originally invented by Oh, Amanda! Thanks for checking them out!


Everyone has their own way of saying things, so positive feedback is welcomed!