Boston Museum Of Science #wordlesswednesday

Last Thursday, my niece and I went to The Boston Museum of Science! It was such a blast! Here are some pictures we took!

Probably as close to the real thing as I’ll ever get! lol

A diagram of a Maine fisherman!
I loved this because, well, I’m from Maine and my brothers are lobster-men!

A Chinese Spouting Bowl
These didn’t really have a general purpose, just for entertainment. Can you see the water dancing?

One of my favorite things at the museum! The Egyptian Diagram!
I loved all the diagrams! It was really neat to see all the fine detail and it reminded me of the movie A Night At The Museum, which I found out my niece had never seen… so that night during wind down time we started watching it!

I’m Holding the weight of the world! lol

Mind Games & Optical Illusions
This was a really neat, 30 minute show!
When you looked at the discolored flag on the left a certain way, you could see the real version on a blank wall..
When she spun the wheel in the middle, it showed a color that’s not on there…
When she spun the black and white circle on the left and then we would stare at someone, their head would get smaller and bigger, but that one didn’t work for me, so I don’t know, but over all, the show was really neat. It was such a great day!

Have you ever been to the Boston Museum of Science?
What was your favorite exhibit?

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